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Against The Current

by Solomon King & The Chosen

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57 Octaves (below middle C) From The Black Hole Sun We have come The two of us Made into one From the Black Hole Sun We have run to sing our song Song of Love 57 Octaves When we touch It means so much Tides, and Time Turn to mist for a kiss With our smiles of dust a million miles dawn to dusk The sky is clear and we hear We crash and burn we return from night to Day not fade away
Shadow Land Shadow Land you'll find me where I pretend I do not see Its NOT you here thats here with me in.. Shadow Land In Darkness I lost you to Evil ways too powerful in the light you are gone but in Shadowland my love lives on... In shadowland There's no black or white night is day and day is night every place is just another place every face is your face
Come Home Soon You're so far away Just since yesterday You are gone But it feels so long Thought I heard your car Pullin' up in the yard But oh no, that's not you Just not you, Darling, Come Home Soon Went out to buy some clothes Then I went to the show Its a beautiful day Maybe a little cold I been thinkin' it through What the poets say is true The Ocean is deep and the Sky is Blue Oh so Blue, Darling, Come Home Soon You are a part of me Any fool can see When we're apart My heart breaks in two Helicopters over head Your picture by the bed I cant sleep without you Without You, Oh Darling, Oh Darling, Darling Come Home Soon
Underground Brother I got a Brother in the Underground I got a Brother in the Underground It just ain't the same without him around I got a Brother ... Underground Brother drives an old RV With Rock no Roll music from the 70's Ain't got a worry ain't got a care Underground Brother and his dog named "Bear" Chorus Underground Brother don't feel no pain I don't blame him for leaving I'd have done the same He was nobody's fool but Everyone's clown I got a brother Chorus Underground Brother when I see you again We'll go fishing for salmon and chasing women 'Cause you just cant keep a good man down I got a brother in the Underground Chorus
Against The Current Poseidon with a trident Neptune with a net I really cant remember How we met I dreamed that I was flying But that was not my dream We were swimming against the current Swimming in the sea And when my body tired I was taken by the tide Out beyond the waves Where nothing can survive So I come to surrender I won't fight no more I won most every battle But lost the war We were swimming against the current Swimming in the sea I tumble in the chaos Of jagged reef Jealous of the turtles Floating easily where the current Takes them but I can't hold my breath Long enough to find a place to rest We were swimming against the current Swimming in the sea Underneath the surface where the music has no sound A symphony where no instruments are allowed. But the song plays eternally But I hear you singing and you hear me So I wrote this song for you. The Song of the Sea We were swimming against the current Swimming in the sea
Pussy Cat All is quit in the house Last lights all turned out Curled up on the couch You find me A familiar form to keep you warm in a world so torn and so strange I'm your Pussy Cat Pussy Cat Put me in your lap Scratch my back Pussy Cat up all night sleep all day dont do a single thing that you say I dont work I just play cost a pretty penny to maintain and cannot be trained though you Tried oh you tried Chorus Pussy cat Dont you know Aint a dog with a bone I dont bark I dont bite Just meow, meow all night Chorus
Cocaine Blues Early one morning I was making my rounds I took a hit of cocaine and I shot my woman down I shot her down 'cause she made me slow I thought I was her daddy but She had five more I had the cocaine blues I was high I was low I headed south to Mexico My mouth was dry My hands were wet They stopped me at the border, said "dont you take another step" I had the cocaine blues I was arrested and brought to trial the prosecutor wore a great big smile Judge looked at the jury Jury looked at me Guilty, Guilty in the first degree I had the cocaine blues When they strap me down in that chair I tell you people I will not care I shot the bitch down yah that a fact But if I could I surely would want my cocaine back I had the cocaine blues


Grammy entrant nominee, critically acclaimed, appearances in film and t.v., live shows across the globe, still, Solomon King remains an enigma. His music is deeply rooted in the Blues of his native Motown but “that voice” hasn't been heard since Johnny Cash. With his new album, "Against the Current" Solomon conjures up the ghosts of David Bowie, Lou Reed, Pink Floyd, and even Igor Stravinsky. But Solomon King does not copy other artists. Rather he proudly steals from the wealth of the past to create what will be stolen in the future. “that voice” is back!

Solomon King's music is... "Dark Romantic" embracing musical styles ranging from Rock to Blues to Americana but always uniquely Solomon King. If Nick Cave and ELO were to collaborate you might have something like "57 Octaves (below middle C)". If Johnny Cash replaced Otis Redding you might be listening to "Underground Brother". If Roy Orbison were to materialize with a new classic of longing and loss "Come Home Soon" would be streaming through your earbuds.

"A lucky seven combination of eclectic love songs and superb musicianship, Against the Current leans on many vibrant influences, where every sound has a musical quality... Lou Reed’s bristling tough sound (“Shadowland”); Jim Morrison’s blues (“Pussycat”); churning Stravinsky-like rhythms; and, a Bowie-like breezy, gorgeous title song that has a heroic “Heroes”-like vibe"

Ashley Jude Collie "Huffington Post"

Echoes of rock, blues, soul and country greats reverberate throughout Solomon King’s extensive repertoire and he’s as likely to introduce a packed club to a long lost Hank Williams gem as he is one of his signature contemporary originals. Unpredictable but never afraid to shake things up, “No bar too far, no hall too small,” could easily be the motto that describes how he and The Chosen approach fulfilling their collective musical goal.


released August 30, 2017

Against the Current album Credits

Solomon King: Vox, Guitar
Paul Cassarino: Drums
Gary Curto: Keyboards
Doug Lunn: Bass
Steve Trovato: Guitar
Otisi Black, Kudisan Kai, Shea Chambers: B.G.Vox
Jimmy Powers: Harmonica (Cocaine Blues)
Johann Frank: Steel Guitar (Shadow Land & Come Home Soon)

Produced by: Solomon King
Engineer: Eva Reistad
Mixed by: Dave ”RainMan” Banta
Recorded at: Kingsize Soundless & Chateau Normandie
Photo: Justice Howard
Album Art: Niklas Wejedal


all rights reserved



Solomon King & the Chosen Los Angeles, California

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